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One of the great treasures of this region is the richness of its excellent cuisine. For centuries, the city walls have preserved magnificent culinary traditions. Today’s modern gourmets and connoisseurs of fine food and wine can enjoy the superb variety of dainties this area has to offer. In addition to the food specialties, all restaurants in Novigrad and its surroundings have a distinctive gastronomic motto- quality without compromise! In fact, every guest will get the best seafood offers, often caught by diligent local fisherman on that same day.

Equally, other natural resources like different kinds of olive oil or wine will not be hard to come across during your stay. You can be sure that in Novigrad and its surrounding areas you will have a chance to experience some of the best olive oils and high quality wines, which grapes were planted and carefully cultivated in the nearby vineyards.

In fact, thanks to a that exceptional combination of superior professionalism in accordance with the world’s highest gastronomical standards and Istrian culinary traditions based on natural resources, restaurants located in Novigrad feature outstandingly in many food guides all over the world. The gastronomic experience in Novigrad will certainly impress you.

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